Solar & Lighting

The motto of Briny is "Optimum Quality & Complete Customer Satisfaction". We are counted among the renowned exporters, manufacturers and suppliers offering Solar Interface SMU, Solar Street Lights, Solar Study Lamp, Solar DC Fans, Solar DC Lights, and more.

Our products are known for their excellent features like Eco-friendliness, Durability, Cost Efficiency, Innovative Designs, etc. For providing the customer with premium quality of products, we always make sure to use finest grade materials. Moreover, our well equipped manufacturing facility is manned by a team of skilled professionals who undertake each and every activity while abiding by the industry guidelines. To attain highest level of client satisfaction, we deliver the products on time using reliable & fast transportation modes.

Benefits of Solar Energy:

• It is clean and Green.
• Available in abundance throughout the country.
• By using solar energy, you can reduce your dependency on fossil fuels.
• No recurring fuel costs.
• No Moving parts, thus minimum wear and tear.
• It can be easily and effectively connected to a grid of battery.
• Solar energy is sustainable.
• Installing a solar power system at your home or office would reduce your carbon
  foot print. 
• Solar plants once installed need low maintenance.
• Noise Free- there is no sound made photovoltaic sale in converting solar energy
   into Electricity. 
• Solar energy is renewal and you would never run out of it, unlike non-renewal
• It eliminates the need to bum coil which become highly beneficial for the
• By using solar energy no greenhouse gases are released, thus no air pollution.
• You can cut down your electricity bills drastically, since sun light is free, all you
   need is an effective solar power generator.
• Solar power systems are cost effective.
• Solar electricity Power plants produce zero emissions and are environment